CBI Systems & StormwaterONE

As a part of CBI Systems continued efforts to help our customers improve their Stormwater management programs we have partnered with StormwaterONE to provide you a private branded Stormwater University.  We believe it is a combination of knowledge and technology that will help to insure the success of our customers’ stormwater compliance while assisting them to become more efficient in the process.

This program will be open to any city employee or contractor that needs to further their education and/or working knowledge within the Stormwater industry.* Now everyone can get the training they need online AND at a discount!

*at least 1 active MS4web license is required

Download details about the Stormwater University Program.

Do you already have stormwater training created? Perfect! You will be able to have that training uploaded into your Stormwater University portal and track the progress of anyone that needs to complete it.

All of our current training for MS4web will also be uploaded to your Stormwater University.

CBI Systems will be providing complimentary course credit hours to new customers and all customer will be able to purchase courses at a 10% discount.

StormwaterONE also provides free courses as well.